Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Water / water heat pumps suitable for residential and commercial applications.

Eneren manufactures and provides multifunction and polyvalent Ground Source Heat Pumps, to ensure that all the requirements for winter heating, summer cooling and domestic hot water are satisfied with using the energy of the earth by means of geothermal applications.

Heat pumps allow to exchange heat between a source (the ground) and a receiver (the user), where the souce is at a lower temperature than the receiver. In a domestic heating system, the heating terminals (typically the radiant system in the floor or ceiling) represent the reciver. In the case of summer air conditioning, however, the building is the source from which the heat is extracted, which is then dispersed in the ground.

The ground where the geothermal system is installed therefore represents the source for the heat pump if working in heating mode, or the sink if working in cooling mode.

With respect to air, the source of the Air Source Heat Pumps, the temperature of the ground varies much less throughout the year, being rather constant between 10 and 16°C and thus allowing a much higher efficency, at any latitude and in any climatic zone.

Our multifunction Ground Source heat pumps.

Our polyvalent Ground Source heat pumps.