Multifunction GSHP Serie NWW 6 - 17 kW


Multifunction Full Inverter geothermal heat pump with production of domestic hot water and integrated hydronic module.





Hot water

Low noise

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  • Inverter BLDC Compressor
  • High efficiency electronic pumps class A
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Versioni disponibili

  • Multifunction with 3-way valve
  • Smart grid Heat Pump through self-consumption
  • NWW is the new geothermal heat pump with fully equipped hydronic module on top of a removable refrigerant circuit box that greatly simplifies maintenance operation.
    Multifunction version for hot, cold and domestic hot water production.

    The hydronic module includes 200lt domestic hot water tank, 25 lt/min ondemand dhw production heat exchanger, expantion vessels, filters, shut-off and safety valves, back-up resistance and a coil for solar thermal heat storage.


    - Inverter BLDC compressor and electronic pumps at high efficiency

    -Extremely low noise with Hi - Box to reduce the compressor noise emmision

    - Smart grid with photovoltaic auto-consumption function

    - Easy to use with supervision and remote control through the Enerweb App



    The product is divided into 4 sizes, that they are classified in function of the thermal capacity in standard condition, please see the complete technical data sheet downloadable.

    Multifunction unit available with 3-way valve for domestic hot water production Electronic expansion valve
    Scroll BLDC Inverter compressor
    High efficiency electronic pumps dissipation, user and domestic hot water side with variable speed
    High efficiency AISI 316 stainless steel brazed plate heat exchangers
    Dimension L x D x H Frame 1 (F1): 900x749x1875h mm