Polyvalent GSHP Serie ENP 40 - 500 kW


ENP - Polyvalent geothermal heat pump for medium-large applications with Domestic Hot Water production in total heat recovery

ENP polyvalent units are water-to-water heat pumps for space heating, cooling and DHW production, designed for both residential and industrial applications operating 24 hours a day. They cover a thermal power range from 40 to 500 kW, ensuring a high thermodynamic efficiency and a wide configurability, both in terms of accessories, and refrigerant circuit.

Thanks to a dedicated circuit, ENP units can be used to produce hot and cold water simultaneously, either for DHW production or in 4-pipes systems, in both cases in total heat recovery.

The range has a high configurability with respect to the configuration of the refrigerant circuit (Efficiency Pack) which, depending on the size, can be configured as:

  • 2 compressors and 2 circuits (Efficiency Pack 1) for high system redundancy,
  • 2 compressors (tandem) on 1 circuit (Efficiency Pack 2) for higher efficiencies at partial loads,
  • 3 compressors (trio) on 1 circuit (Efficiency Pack 3) to join low realization costs and high efficiency at partial loads,
  • 4 compressors (two tandems) on 2 circuits (Efficiency Pack 4) for a system that is at the same time redundant and efficient at partial loads.


The base and paneling of the ENW series are made of galvanized steel that is painted with epoxy polyester powder polymerized at 180°C. The unit is made with an exclusive design that not only is pleasing from an aesthetic point of view, but also ensures the complete inaccessibility to the internal components when closed. This, together with a large use of sound-absorbing material inside the compartment and around the compressors, featured in the silent version, reduces the level of sound power to exceptionally low levels (Lp <67 dB-a @ 1 meter for the larger sizes). Hydraulic-refrigerant connections are provided on the right-hand side, when looking at the electrical panel, to reduce the clearance needed for the installation. All panels are removable (except for the one where the hydraulic connections are mounted, on the right-hand side) to allow complete accessibility to the unit even if routine maintenance operations only require front access.

For ENW personalised technical sheets and prices please contact ENEREN S.r.l.


The dimensions of the ENW units depend on size and efficency pack:

  • FRAME 1 → Dimensions L x D x H [mm] 1174 x 772 x 1594
  • FRAME 2 → Dimensions L x D x H [mm] 1644 x 772 x 1594
  • FRAME 3 → Dimensions L x D x H [mm] 2374 x 877 x 1854
  • FRAME 4 → Dimensions L x D x H [mm] 3130 x 877 x 1854


  • Electronically controlled Electric expansion Valve (EEV).
  • Modulating source- and user-sides circulatin pumps (opzional, installed in a separate external hydronic module) to adapt the flow-rates to the actual operating conditions and achieve important savings in pumping costs,
  • ON/OFF scroll compressors,
  • AISI 316 Stainless steel high efficiency brazed plate heat exchangers.
  • DHW-side pump (optional, assembled in a hydronic external unit) with variable speed motor.
  • Double hydraulic circuit: space heating/cooling circuit and DHW circuit, independent from each other.
  • DHW circuit in priority, or in total heat recovery when in cooling mode.