Ground-Med Project

Participation in a European Project that involved the experimentation of geothermal systems

Ground-Med Project

Eneren's role:



Tribano (Padova)



Installation capacity:

50 kW

Installtion type:

Closed circuit geothermal system

Installation information:

2 single-U exchangers, 2 double-U exchangers, in PE 100, 100 m deep 


Eneren Srl and Hiref SpA took part in the European project Ground Med ( The project had the aim of testing geothermal systems through the use of vertical BHEs in eight demo-site within the Mediterranean basin. In this context, a geothermal system composed by 4 BHEs and a polyvalent heat pump  has been installed at the Hiref factory together with a solar PV system.

It is therefore possible to provide space cooling and simultaneously produce hot water for sanitary use. The installed system also analyzes all the basic parameters of geothermal technology both from a geological point of view and from an energetic point of view, allowing to know the soil behavior during the different conditions of use. It also characterizes the operating parameters of the multi-purpose heat pump with a variable speed compressor, which allows to significantly reduce the size of the BHEs.