Hydro-thermodynamic analysis with FEM software

"Sereno" village

Eneren's role:

Design consultants


Sereno Village (Pisa)



Installation capacity:

430 kW

Installtion type:

Open circuit geothermal system

Installation information:

2 reversible wells, 0.8 m in diameter and 170 m deep


Thanks to the ongoing collaboration with the University of Padua, Eneren is able to perform hydro-thermodynamic subsurface subsidence and risk analysis using appropriate simulation software with finite element simulations. It is therefore possible to simulate how the ground will respond to induced thermal stress from a geothermal heat pump, which is a very useful information to verify the project economic and environmental sustainability.

The numerical model realised to analyse the possible effects induced by the geothermal heat pump system on the subsoil and in particular on the intercepted acquifer (being this an open-loop system) has shown:

The impact on the piezometric pressure and potential, and therefore possible subsidence.

  • The impact on the thermal field.
  • The impact of groundwater pumping and re-injection activities.
  • It has been shown that the plant's influence remains restricted to the area of concern, with respect to both piezometry and temperature conditions.
  • The possible subsidence induced by the reduction in pore pressure in the affected aquifers is negligible.

The plant, of which the concession for the well remains valid for 5 years, serves to condition 70 small apartments. A technical solution with a dry-cooler has also been prepared in the case the concession is not renewed."