Heat pumps supply

Heat pumps supply

By partnering with the Department of Research & Development of Hiref Spa, Eneren offers a wide range of products "tailored" for residential and industrial applications. Our heat pumps are capable of meeting the building energy needs with respect to heating, cooling and Domestic Hot Water, by taking advantage of the latest market technologies and ensuring high operating energy standards.

Eneren supplies MULTIFUNCTION and POLYVALENT heat pumps, both with on-off or modulating compressors .

MULTIFUNCTION refers to the ability of producing hot water for winter heating or cold water for summer cooling. Alternatively, DHW can be produced, always with priority, throughout the year by using heat from the source (air or ground).

POLYVALENT refers to the ability of producing both hot and cold water simultaneously. For example, during the summer, the building needs cold water for cooling and hot water for DHW production. The simultaneous production of the two allows the COP to be quite higher than 6.

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