Self-consumption of solar energy

Self-consumption of solar energy

My Economy System: the ideal solution for space heating self-consuming the photovoltaic over-production.

The energy that we produce with our photovoltaic systems does not have a high value if it is fed into the grid and sold to the National Electricity body. It becomes more convenient to self-consume it, thus saving on electricity bills.

Self-consumption can be dedicated to lighting, appliances, computers, etc., but also to summer and winter air conditioning with a modulating heat pump. With the accessory "My economy system" from Eneren, you can finally prioritize your PV consumption to heat your house through your heat pump.

The purpose of this function is to convert the excess energy produced by the photovoltaic system to store it in the form of heat. This is done via a modulating heat pump with BLDC inverter compressors, synchronized with the System and with the loads of the house (or the Building Management System).

Thanks to a control unit capable of reading the energy flows, the heat pump is able to prioritize the consumption of the photovoltaic surplus when there is an excess of production compared to the user’s consumption, as for example when there is a day of bright sunshine or if users are outside of the home.

Our aim is to maximize the personal consumption of energy produced by PV, reset the quantity of energy sold and to avoid the energy demands during the night or when it rains.

To achieve this, the heat pump modulates its power in relation to the production of the PV system and to the energy demand of the building. When there is a surplus of produced energy the system modifies tank set-points and stores the excess of the energy in order to use it later.

The building in question can therefore drastically reduce the need for backup sources both for heating and for domestic hot water. In summer, it is possible to become almost completely autonomous from an energetic point of view.

Other important advantages:

  • One single reader per home for photovoltaic and heat pump installation
  • No need for dangerous, expensive and polluting boilers
  • Substantial reduction of heating bills (possibility to disconnect the gas meter)
  • 90% of the PV production can be self-consumed
  • One unit only to heat, cool and produce DHW
  • Financial aids for renewable energy applications