About us

We design and realise high efficency systems able to fully exploit energy coming from renewable sources

About us


Eneren offers solutions for heating and cooling residential buildings with renewable energies. Eneren is composed of a team of integrated expertise that puts itself forward as a single partner, from consulting to maintenance, providing the design and production of turnkey and completely customized conditioning systems to provide greater guarantees to its customers.

Eneren’s offer is characterized by solutions that seek to optimize the investment and the efficiency of the system, from the geothermal field to hybrid systems of ground source heat pumps in combination with aerothermal heat pumps and/or other sources of energy.

The services that Eneren is able to provide to its customers are the following:

  • Heat pumps supply
  • Heating/Cooling technology consulting and design
  • Plant systems consulting and design
  • Ground thermal response tests (GRT) execution
  • Geothermal exchangers sizing and dynamic simulation through FEM software
  • Remote assistance for plant’s management and operation
  • Hydrogeological and geognostic consulting and study

Integrated building-system design is one of the prerogatives that have made Eneren successful, achieving the performance set as its standard. High quality material, installation phase monitoring, full operation check and maintenance are all essential services that Eneren guarantees to its customers.