Reversible aerothermal air-water heat pump


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EHA is an air-water heat pump that uses a combination of modulating BLDC (Brushless DC inverter) and scroll on-off compressors. Thanks to precise control of the delivered power based on the achievement of maximum yield or maximum efficiency, it can fully meet heating, cooling and domestic hot water production requirements. Available in three versions:
H heat pump with reversible refrigeration circuit
C chilling-only chiller
F Free-cooling chiller

  • Multi-residential buildings
  • Stores
  • Factories

Selectable operation

Thanks to the use of the BLDC inverter compressor, EHA can be set to maximize heating and cooling capacity, or energy efficiency, simply by setting the maximum operating frequency of the compressor. This makes it possible to prioritize efficiency during its operation, and effectiveness at peak energy times required by the building.

Extreme modulation

Thanks to the use of inverter compressors, the possibility of installing pumping groups inside the unit, and EC electronic fans, EHA ensures complete modulation according to energy and acoustic requirements.


EHA heat pump technology.

Full configurability of internal hydraulic devices, such as electronic pumps and modulating fans  
Reversibility of the refrigerant circuit via a 4-way valve
Soundproofed compressor with very high performance vibration dampers and sound jackets
Electronic expansion valve to maximise efficiency and reliability
Remote supervision and remote control of the system from any web-based device
Technical overview

Technical specifications


EHA is equipped with high efficiency scroll compressors, and can be designed with single or double refrigerant circuit, improving efficiency at partial loads or operating redundancy.


The finned coils have a hydrophilic treatment that allows defrosting cycles to be decreased by up to 30%; they can also be made in dedicated configurations with epoxy or cataphoresis treatment for installation in environments with highly aggressive atmospheres.


The electronically controlled expansion valve (EEV) maximises EHA performance under any temperature condition, at both source and user end, to ensure consistent efficiency and versatility.


The use of panels to completely enclose the refrigerator compartment, the quality of the soundproofing materials used and the use of dedicated anti-vibration mounts to support the compressors make of EHA an ultra-low noise heat pump.

User Manual EHA-0-UM-GB_ENEREN
EHA Brochure

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