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Enerweb Series supervision and remote control

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Enerweb Series supervision and remote control

EnerWeb is the innovative responsive web supervisor and remote control system designed to easily manage the entire home air conditioning and air treatment system, suitable for interfacing with smartphones, PCs, tablets and more generally with any web device.


It can be used to monitor the status of devices, operating temperatures, fresh air flow rate, and many other parameters by keeping a log which can be viewed in the form of conveniently customizable graphs.
In addition, any alarms will be displayed in a special section where they can be reset or forwarded to the maintenance technician for targeted and timely support.
The following Eneren devices can be controlled:
• heat pump
• up to 2 recovery units
• up to 5 dehumidifiers
• up to 3 dehum-recovery units
• up to 24 zone timed thermohumidostats

Available in two versions:

• ETHERNET Standard version for cable wiring to the home network;
• WI-FI Version with Wi-Fi module supplied for wireless transmission of monitored data.

The system consists of a panel controlled PLC which on the one hand collects and exchanges information with field terminals using ModBus language, and on the other hand communicates with the home modem submitting data in web format with easy-to-use graphic pages. On request, a customisable link is provided to be used for remote access to the home modem and for supervision from any Android/Apple/Windows device.


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