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SND-DSP T/TH Series ambient sensors

The flush-mounted SND-DSP zone interface for type 503 boxes is a simple and sleek solution for capturing environmental data, thanks to the built-in temperature (T version) and humidity (TH version) probes.


Thanks to the multifunctional 262,000 colour graphic display with 98×64 point dimensions, it can be installed in any residential and commercial area, added to the most common BTicino, Vimar and Gewiss civil series wall plates thanks to the adapters supplied. The front membrane can be ordered in warm white or glossy black colour options.

Thanks to the internally implemented logics, it can transmit signals via ModBus to the Master card to warn of any critical condensation conditions that may arise in a single zone – so as to always ensure maximum system efficiency. The independently managed time programs allows the system behaviour to be customised in each area. The timed function allows several time slots to be set to control the different temperature values throughout the day.

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