Geothermal plant

Cetra's new production plant is greener

We designed and built the air conditioning system for Cetra's production facility. The right temperature for every season with a full heat recovery system
Altedo (BO)
Designated use
Manufacturing industrial complex
Cooling and production

A total-recovery heat pump system

Heat recovery allows the production of thermal energy free of charge

We were responsible for the implementation of the systems serving the company’s thermal power plant. Dedicated heat pumps for air conditioning of offices and heating of water necessary for operation of skimmers in total recovery and thus free of charge.

We opted for an efficient, sustainable and reliable solution

A system consisting of twelve 120-m geothermal probes using glycol-free pure water and two full inverter heat pumps with total recovery for 4-pipe system.

The customer’s request

The customer’s request was to have an innovative plant to serve the new production facility. Innovative in content, values and efficiency. The result? A reliable plant that is durable and easy to operate, while meeting the project objectives.

Our solution

Geothermal energy even in industrial environments is possible.

No. 12 120 m PE-Xa SGVs without the use of glycol and No. 2 flooded evaporator inverter heat pumps with full recovery. Thus, thanks to the use of these technologies, the annual efficiency of the system reaches unimaginable values above SCOP 9

Seasonal efficiency greater than 9

Plant sizing was done by looking at the totality of the needs of individual departments. This made it possible to optimize heat recovery by achieving astounding seasonal efficiencies. The total return on investment was thus reduced to less than 7 years.


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Geothermal plant

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