Aerothermal split full inverter heat pump


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The SHI air-water heat pump is able to meet all heating, cooling and domestic hot water production requirements; it operates with outdoor temperatures down to -20°C and produces hot water up to 65°C. A compact, all-in-one and reliable unit for maximum efficiency and sustainability.

Available in three versions:
• M for 2-pipe systems with domestic hot water, in total recovery mode
• P for 4-pipe systems, to also simultaneously meet heating and cooling requirements, in total recovery mode.
• H for 2-pipe systems with domestic hot water

  • Villas
  • Apartment buildings

Total heat recovery

Thanks to the dedicated total heat recovery refrigeration circuit with parallel condenser, SHI meets the thermal and sanitary needs of any systems, without having to reverse the refrigeration cycle whenever a heating and cooling request is received.

Regulation and remote control

The unit comes with a control software to make all the necessary adjustments in order to maximise efficiency and configurability according to the different system types. The software interfaces with any communication protocol, for the management and control of operations, even remotely.


SHI heat pump technology.

BLDC inverter digital scroll compressor with water production up to 65°C
Full configurability of internal hydraulic devices, such as electronic pumps and EC fans
Soundproofing HiBox for maximum noise reduction
Electronic expansion valve to maximise efficiency and reliability
Smart Grid Ready for the management of electricity own-consumption with integrated My economy device
Enerweb system for supervision and remote control of the system from any web-based device
Technical overview

Technical specifications


The use of the electronically controlled double expansion valve (EEV) maximises SHI’s performance under any temperature condition, stabilises and optimises operation, regardless of the length of the refrigerant line.


The coil has a wider fin pitch and is applied a hydrophilic coating, which prevents the formation of surface condensation and allows the number of defrosting cycles to be reduced by up to 30%.


Flow rate control at constant temperature or constant delta T is guaranteed by the electronic pumps installed inside the unit. Thanks to their control microprocessor, they are also able to adapt to every system need in a quick, straightforward manner.


Every detail of SHI units has been designed so as to obtain maximum acoustic comfort: the soundproofed compressor with dedicated box and sound jacket, the oversize EC fans with 50% rotation speed and the soundproofing front grille for maximum noise abatement.

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