Aerothermal system

Energy Revolution in a condo in Padua

Eneren transformed an apartment building in Camposampiero, Padua, into a model of energy sustainability by improving efficiency and eliminating fossil fuels.
Camposampiero, Padua
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Air conditioning, DHW production


In Camposampiero, a town in the province of Padua, a condominium has embarked on an energy efficiency journey by entrusting Eneren with the supply of energy for heating, air conditioning, and hot water production.

Customer request

The building, constructed in 2010 and consisting of five residential units, had a centralized system with a gas boiler for heating and a solar thermal system for domestic hot water production.
The customer aimed to replace the gas boiler, thereby eliminating the use of fossil fuels to promote environmental and economic sustainability while improving the overall system efficiency. All of this had to be achieved without disrupting the comfort of the current residents, necessitating a meticulous work plan to avoid any service interruptions.

Our solution

To effectively address this challenge, we installed a multifunction full inverter NAW heat pump, specially designed to seamlessly integrate into the existing system.
NAW is a highly efficient monoblock heat pump that utilizes BLDC digital scroll inverter compressors to generate hot water up to 65°C and ensure high performance under any operational conditions.

Like all Eneren full inverter heat pumps, NAW is equipped with Smart Grid Ready technology, which intelligently manages electrical self-consumption, optimizing the utilization of energy generated by the photovoltaic system. Furthermore, it is equipped with Enerweb, a sophisticated air conditioning and air treatment system control that allows constant supervision and monitoring of various parameters.

Despite being installed externally just a few meters from the building, the heat pump minimizes noise emissions thanks to its large-sized fan and reduced rotation speed, ensuring the residents’ peaceful nights.

To further optimize costs and promote greater energy savings, a 20 kW photovoltaic system was installed, along with an appropriate storage system and an advanced thermoregulation system, all of which seamlessly complement the heat pump generator.

Our commitment didn’t stop at installing the heat pump: we provided a complete Eneren-style service, including the sizing phase in collaboration with the designer and support during the commissioning phase for integration with the existing systems.

In short, a true sustainability success story!


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