A geothermal system is one of the best possible solutions for air conditioning.
The first step for efficient implementation is the installation of geothermal probes which must be done with painstaking accuracy. This phase is fundamentally important to guarantee the quality of the whole system.


Respecting the land as a key resource for air conditioning efficiency is one of our main priorities

At Eneren we also take care of installing the required vertical geothermal probes, the most complex and delicate part of a geothermal system, guaranteeing top operating quality and performance.

  • Houses
  • Stores
  • Factories

From small residential systems to large industrial and commercial buildings – we are organized and ready to meet any need and guarantee the level of quality that you have come to expect from us

We source vertical geothermal probes exclusively from primary international manufacturers who certify their product only after carrying out rigorous tests, as required by industry regulations.

We use state-of-the-art drilling equipment to ensure safety, quality and cleanliness during work.

System installation takes place in full compliance with industry regulations, to ensure operational quality and environmental sustainability.

We subject our installed geothermal probes to scrupulous testing.


Circulation drilling of sludge and polymers or rotary percussion with compressed air: these are some of the types of drilling that we are able to offer. Each one is specifically suitable for one of the different types of soil that we can find.

Double-head drilling with lining jacket, cement filling from below until the hole is completely filled. We use certified probes and highly conductive cements to guarantee top quality.


Some technical information: the most common vertical geothermal probes are PE-RC or Pe-Xa (the latter types are guaranteed 10 years by the manufacturer.)
The most common and widely used types are double U 32mm, and single U 40mm.

Our strength comes from continuous upgrading of our know-how. Thanks to our ongoing collaboration with the University of Padua (departments of Technical Physics and Geosciences), we can rely on the most recent research and publications. The use of the latest technological tools (such as dynamic simulation software for the analysis of the geo-exchange field behaviour) and calculation software for the thermotechnical design of buildings allows us to develop truly one-stop, complete projects.

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