Geothermal plant

A famous resort chain's geothermal answer

A geothermal loop system for cooling the entire resort
Cavallino Treporti (VE)
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Hotel tourism

A geothermal loop system to cool the entire resort

A new sustainable project, in full Eneren style

Hapimag Resort is a sharing community of vacation apartments: a new concept of sustainability applied to leisure, where the desired comfort is combined with full respect for the environment. Eneren designed and built the air conditioning system for their new facility in Cavallino Treporti (VE), a project that has been taken care of in every detail, with expertise and professionalism.

Geothermal loop: zero environmental impact for maximum sustainability

The entire hotel complex is served by a geothermal loop system, connected to thermal power plants located in each building. A radiant air conditioning and primary air handling system complete the project, ensuring maximum comfort and energy savings.

The client’s request

Hapimag Resort wanted to show that it was at the forefront not only in terms of its services, but also in its totally sustainable orientation. The only request was the absence of visual and acoustic impacts.

Our solution

The air conditioning of the entire resort is provided by a geothermal loop system connected to the thermal power plants: 88 vertical probes inserted into the ground at a depth of 120 m allow for proper heat exchange and operation of all power plants, located in the buildings for heating, cooling and domestic hot water production. Radiant air conditioning and primary air treatment ensure maximum comfort and energy savings.

Respect for the environment, visual and acoustic comfort

Thanks to Eneren, the installation of the new Hapimag Resort in Cavallino Treporti is completely green: electric-only power supply so as not to emit CO2, probes and piping totally underground to be invisible to the outside and ensure maximum visual comfort and silence, exactly as requested by the client.

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Geothermal plant

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